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Bird Identification

Barrow's Golden Eye

The bill colour of female Barrow's is only an aid to the identification and it is not diagnostic. Most important is to look at the head shape. The head of the female Barrow's Goldeneye has an oval shape created by a steep forehead, flat crown and elongated hind neck feathers like a mane. The latter gives the appearance of a swept back crest, similar to the male Barrow's and female Hooded Merganser. The head shape of the Common Goldeneye lacks the "puffiness" of the female Barrow's. It has a rounded rather than flat crown and a sloping forehead.

Barrow's Goldeneye

For more information see identification articles below.

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Comparing a Downy Woodpecker to a Hairy Woodpecker (Size)

Somewhat of a challenge to identify on their own, together Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers are easy to differentiate. Note the size difference between the two in this photo (Hairy is above, Downy is below). Downy Woodpeckers are about 17 cm (6.75"), whereas Hairy Woodpeckers are about 24 cm (9.25").

Hairy & Downy Woodpeckers at suet feeder in Constance Bay (January 3, 2009)